Vintage Collectibles

These vintage collectibles, collectible memorabilia and other recycled objects may not be pure yulem but they're not in a landfill either! Consider recycling these unique and memorable gifts.

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  • Vintage Tools

    Explore years gone by in our vintage tools collection. Here you will find both vintage hand tools, vintage power tools and who knows what else. All are used with a story to tell.

  • Housewares

    A richly bizarre collection of vintage decor, vintage home decor items as well as vintage housewares and other household items from around the world.

  • Sporting Gear

    Browse our unique collection of vintage sporting items. This collection has vintage knives, vintage fishing gear (rod, reels, and lures), plus vintage cameras and binoculars. We do not advocate the sports of hunting or fishing but we do respect the rights of those of you who do. Our reason for offering these items from years gone by is to convert them into members of a collection rather than clutter in a landfill.

  • Militaria

    A unique and eclectic collection of WWII memorabilia, US militaria, and Japanese militaria. Most of these assorted military items are from WWII or Korean eras. The items are both US and Japanese.