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Yulem Intersections

Yulem Intersections is by and for the people who appreciate and collect unique objects. Let's take a closer look at what we mean by "unique object" in the context of yulem objects.

When X meets Y Wire yulem object described as X meets Y

Yulem objects are a special subset of collected objects.
Formally defined they are:
Objects formed by natural processes which possess a set of intrinsic aesthetic characteristics that transform them into objects of unique interest. Only a naturally formed object that is recognized to possess such a unique or appealing character is considered a yulem object.
Yulem objects don't pretend to be something new. In fact they are very old. These objects have existed at the fringe of established forms and traditions for hundreds, even thousands, of years. Typically, yulem objects don't fit well into these traditional forms. To what traditional forms are we refering? Namely:
  • Sculpture
  • Art Photography
  • Suiseki
Others could be included but let's look at these in detail related to yulem objects.


A sculpture is a three-dimensional object, which for the purposes of this object is man-made and selected for special recognition as art. 1

Yulem objects are typically three-dimensional and are certainly selected for special recognition but are never man-made. They can be from man-made materials but the formation of the specific object must be the result of the influences of nature. The object itself can never be man-made.

Art Photography:

Fine art photography, sometimes simply called art photography, refers to high-quality archival photographic prints of pictures that are created to fulfill the creative vision of an individual professional. Such prints are reproduced, usually in limited editions, in order to be sold to dealers, collectors or curators, rather than mass reproduced in advertising or magazines. Prints will sometimes, but not always, be exhibited in an art gallery. 2
There is little confusion between photography as art and yulem objects. The similarity here is the kindred process of recognition or "seeing" that many photographers share with collectors of yulem objects. There is the special category of yulem object know as in situ. These are nearly always photographed as they must remain in their original context due to factors like size or ownership.  These may be considered by some as photography as art.

Suiseki: (including all country forms)

The Japanese art of stone appreciation and may also refer to the objects of the appreciation—the stones. Suiseki may take many forms including those that bear a resemblance to human figures, animal figures, landscape forms, and those which are purely abstract. Landscape forms are the most popular as they can be displayed alongside Bonsai. 3
Yulem objects and suiseki are outwardly the most similar. In fact a rock yulem object may very well be considered a suiseki. Suiseki are always rocks. (A special class of scholar objects exists that include roots or other tree parts.) Yulem objects are not limited to particular materials. To the contrary yulem objects may be of any material, natural or man-made.
There is also a well-established, traditional aesthetic of suiseki that does not govern yulem objects. Suiseki are selected and judged according to a pre-existing aesthetic whereas Yulem objects are not. The significance of a yulem object is determined by a consensus of its viewers, not a traditional standard of aesthetics.

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