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What are Yulem Objects?

We often remark on the shape, color, or texture of everyday objects. Some of these objects are so special that they deserve to be shared with others. These are Yulem Objects. They exist everywhere and only require you recognize them. They may very well be the only truly unique gift idea for the friend who has everything.

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The word yulem is derived from ylem, which is the first substance from which the elements were formed. Most generally yulem is the quality of having been formed naturally into an object of unique interest. (Feel free to quibble over definitions by writing a review on the Yulem Intersections page! Check out the formal definition at Wikipedia) "Naturally" is included to exclude objects consciously made by humans. Consider the example below. It's a found piece of twisted wire about 2 inches long. On the left some see a fluid sculpture of two dancing. Rotate the object 180 degrees and you have a father taking his son fishing. This piece of wire was found as you see it.

Wire Yulem Object

With yulem the emphasis is on unique interest, not uniqueness.

Many objects are unique (as in every rose is unique) but not all are of unique interest. Clearly this is a subjective consideration but therein is the importance of a yulem object. We have three conditions to achieve yulem.

  • Must be uniquely interesting - Any natural object might be uniquely interesting to one individual and is of minimal value. Another object might be considered uniquely interesting by a very large number of people. The value of such an object could be priceless.
  • Must be naturally formed - These objects are typically formed by actions of nature or accidentally (maybe inadvertently) by humans. Yulem objects are not consciously made by humans as are arts and crafts.
  • Must be discoverable - Since yulem is about seeing the object must be visible and accessible. They are objects available to anyone who has the sensitivity to recognize them.

Yulem objects can literally be found anywhere.

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